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Postby MegArgh Bite 1024 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:51 pm

I've had a question from our league regarding sports funding - they are aware of the majority of funding available at the moment they said, and a great deal of it is not applicable to roller sports in our area, but they are asking if there's any funding we can get through UKRDA or similar?

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Re: Funding

Postby B reF G » Wed Oct 28, 2015 4:04 am

Hey MegArgh Bite,

Sports funding is a tricky subject that we could probably talk about ad nauseum, especially when it comes to what is and is not available from the UK sports authorities.

When you say the member of your league is aware of the majority of funding available but that none of it is applicable to roller sports, does that mean you have a member who works within the UK sports authorities? It would be useful to be able to have direct contact with them if so, as it would be interesting to include their opinion, experience and perspective on the current situation in the UK. Please feel free to pass on my personal email address: or ask them to get in touch on

From the investigations I've done it seems that the main options can be categorised as follows:

    Core Funded Sports - these are those sports which are funded centrally by 'government' (by which I mean UK Sport, Sport England/Scotland/Wales, Lottery, etc.), which roller derby assuredly is not, nor is the BRSF. UK Sport are pretty much only interested in Olympic sports, and even then they are mostly concerned with those sports at which we (by which I mean UK or GB representative teams or individuals) stand a reasonable chance of scoring medals. Sport Eng./Scot./Wales are there for the 'other mainstream sports' in the UK, and for the sporting representatives of the UK's constituent nations. Lottery is there to provide the money for a lot of these, as the actual government doesn't want to have to actually put its hand in its pocket for this sort of thing... These sports have bodies that are funded, and heavily overseen by the quasi-governmental bodies listed above with a clear expectation that they will comply with, and cede a lot of decision-making power to those bodies.

    Partially Funded Sports - are those which are considered mainstream sports in the UK, but which do not qualify for, or warrant core funding as defined above for whatever reason. These sports usually directly interface with Sport E/S/W and can apply to specific 'pots of money' for funding for specific projects or to employ administrative staff and such like.

    Everything Else - includes any minority or fringe sports that may not have a requirement for any kind of funding but which seek recognition from the sports authorities in the UK.

The best and most straightforward options available to the second and third categories above seems to be applications at the local or regional level, so directly to your Local Sporting Authority (Leeds Council for example). Several leagues in the UK have had success with this route, and this is currently the best way UKRDA can support its members in financial terms. We don't have the resources to hand money out, but we can support and legitimise any claim to funding by our members that may be rejected without the 'rubber stamp' of the relevant NGB.

The various roller sport disciplines in the UK used to be partially funded, but lost that status around the time the BRSF was set up for various reasons.

We (both BRSF and UKRDA BoD) are in the process of seeking guidance from Sport and Recreation Alliance on how we can progress and find new streams of revenue, but this is a slow process as the few active reps we have working on UKRDA committees are tied up with the day to day running of the association so projects like this slip down the priority list sadly.

I hope this helps?

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Re: Funding

Postby MegArgh Bite 1024 » Wed May 10, 2017 8:19 am

That's brill, thank you! I'll pass your response on and see where they want to go from there (it could be that the job has been passed on too, but I'll check!)

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Re: Funding

Postby Sticks&Stoner » Mon May 15, 2017 9:54 pm

Sport funding is definitely a subject we could talk about for ever and ever.

So roller derby isn't a core funded sport, however I know a number of leagues who have had success with Sport England, particularly the facilities and the small grants schemes, and with the Scottish Equivalent which is National Lottery's Awards for All. Most of these have significant lottery money behind them and are often focussed on growing participation rather than driving performance.

Both of these require you to be a sport with a recognised governing body to be affiliated to, in this case the BRSF via the UKRDA. I'm not sure what the Wales situation is however suspect there's something very similar (and it's on my list of things to look at in the next few weeks)

As the new Head of Sponsorship this is essentially the top of my priorities list, and some volunteer reps for helping out would be wonderful. I'm pretty confident with the smaller end of grant funding (think "we need new loan kit, or are a brand new league") which is available to leagues with any status as an organisation specific to roller derby and have experience of large scale programme funding (think "we've found a warehouse and need to make it roller derby suitable") professionally.

I'd also love to hear what other funding/sponsorship questions and thoughts people are having and to build some sort of best practice guide given the increasing scrutiny on fundraising nationally.

Any questions on anything drop me a line at

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