Welsh Government framework on return to play

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Welsh Government framework on return to play

Postby dorkmistress » Wed Aug 05, 2020 7:17 pm

https://gov.wales/sport-recreation-and- ... eturn-html

This is the latest available guidance from the Welsh Government on their principles for returning to play and the expectations on NGBs and leagues.

We are in discussions with the Welsh Sports Association and Sport Wales to understand what the expectation would be for a roller derby return to play and the RTP Working Group will review and develop an appropriate action plan for approval.

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Re: Welsh Government framework on return to play

Postby RollinRat2704 » Thu May 06, 2021 4:15 pm

Good morning all,

Following extensive communications with WFTDA we have come to an agreement for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland based Leagues whom are WFTDA Members.

Wales WFTDA Leagues are welcome to follow the UKRDA RTP but the Welsh Government have put the ownership on Venues so WFTDA Leagues should work with their Venues to put together relevant Risk Assessments

Scotland and Northern Ireland based WFTDA Leagues still need to follow the WFTDA Return to Play Guidlines. We are still working towards Scotland Givernance to approve the UKRDA Return to Play

England based WFTDA Leagues need to follow the BRSF Return to Play Road Map and utilise the with UKRDA Return to Play Guidlines as an accompanying guide

Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England WFTDA Leagues must all also still follow the Baseline Gudidelines including 50 per 100,000 metric

(taken from the WFTDA Return to Play)

'If your league draws participants from more than one town/city, your locality needs to include all the areas where participants live and work. If the numbers are higher than those listed in the table, then you should not start to play roller derby until all areas are at an allowable level'

(also taken from the WFTDA Return to Play)

The WFTDA is utilizing 5 in 10,000 positive cases over 14 days (50 in 100,000) as our marker for ideal downward trends of new active COVID cases".

We have included useful Links below to help your League start planning for a safe return.

Leagues are also reminded that they are under no obligation to feel they must return if they do not feel safe to do so and should therefore discuss with their League and their relevant Health and Safety Officer(s)/Risk Assessment Officer(s) and Board/Directors when is suitable for them, ensuring when they do the Guides/Rules that relate to them are adhered to.


WFTDA Covid-19 Updates

WFTDA Return to Play
https://static.wftda.com/files/covid-19 ... lan-v3.pdf

BRSF Return to Play Road Map

UKRDA Return to Play
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oAr5Io ... p=drivesdk

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Re: Welsh Government framework on return to play

Postby RollinRat2704 » Tue Jun 01, 2021 6:25 pm

BRSF (British Roller Sport Federation) have provided details around the required Risk Assessment for Phase 3 and 4 of their

It seems they will need to sign it off based on their last paragraph and sentence.

Link to the Risk Assessment
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CC19ez ... p=drivesdk

Additional Comments by BRSF
Pages 1-10 are the minimum requirements expected from all clubs.

Page 11 is to be used by your club for any additional risks that are not included in pages 1-10
OR any adjustments you need to make to those provided in pages 1-10

It is expected that Clubs will complete the additional risk assessment for their training venue and club training adjustments.

(e.g., on page 5 of the main risk assessment it states that only 1 age group to take place in one session – but Club A only has four under 8 participants, who need to train with the U10 participants – what action will that club take to mitigate risk).

Please review & sign page 10 of the risk assessment, complete page 11 with any additional risks/adjustments if there are any, then return the whole document to them along with your Retrun to Play Plan – which should follow the BRSF Guidance as closely as possible.

BRSF aim to review your plan within 7 days if you can get this back to them asap.

BRSF Contact email

BRSF Roadmap

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